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What will be the impact of improper processing of CNC parts?


The application of CNC parts processing system for processing, high efficiency, cost-effective, then if the process technology negligence will directly affect the production and even affect the quality and other problems.

1, CNC parts processing process is too decentralized

The reason for this situation is that it is afraid of complicated (referring to the preparation time), the program is simple to write, the actual operation is simple to process, the application of a knife processing is easy to adjust the knife change, and the habit of general processing. As a result, product quality (shape tolerance) is not easy to ensure, and productivity can not be fully utilized. Therefore, CNC parts processing personnel and operators should have a full understanding of CNC machine tool processing expertise, try to carry out more, in order to grasp the basic knowledge, try to choose the process concentration method for processing, commonly used several times, naturally will reflect the advantages. After the selection of process concentration, the processing time of the enterprise is improved, we will have two machines and equipment zero-distance layout, complete the actual operation of two machines and equipment by one person, and the efficiency is greatly improved, and the quality is also very well ensured.

2, CNC parts processing sequence is not scientific

Some CNC parts processing operators fully consider some problems in advance preparation, often the processing order is very scientific. CNC machine tool processing is generally processed according to the general mechanical equipment processing technology preparation standards, such as first coarse after fine (to the knife), first inside after outside, select the appropriate cutting parameters, so that efficiency and quality can be guaranteed.

Careful use of G00 (G26, G27, G29) quick search command G00 instruction to program writing and use add very convenient. That if the setting and wrong operation, often lead to the rate set too large caused by zero overcharge, CNC machining precision reduction, machine equipment slide surface contusion and other adverse effects. Return to zero line negligence, easy to hit the product workpiece and machine safety production accidents. Therefore, when deciding to apply the G00 command, it should be considered thoughtfully and not casually.

In CNC machine tool processing, especially in the need to pay attention to the improvement of the program search and test run. After the automatic control system is entered into the system, the operator should use SCH keys and ↑, ↓, ←, → move keys to carry out uncertainty and explicit search, if necessary to adjust the program flow to ensure the accuracy of the program. At the same time, before starting the program execution processing, it is necessary to go through the program process test run (open the power amplifier) to determine whether the processing line is consistent with the design route.

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