Exhaust System Products

Exhaust System Products

How many parts are in a full exhaust system?

A car exhaust system is comprised of five or six distinct components: Exhaust Manifold,Oxygen Sensor,Catalytic Converter,Hangers,Exhaust Joints and Muffler,which work together to direct harmful gases away from the vehicle,in the safest way possible.The exhaust manifold is connected directly to the engine and has a job of harnessing the combustion gases into the exhaust system.

What is the function of Exhaust manifold?

As the first section of a vehicle’s exhaust system,the exhaust manifold is an very important part.It collects the exhaust fumes released from the engine cylinders and routes them into the car’s catalytic converter.The exhaust manifold is designed to minimize restriction to the flow of exhaust gases and helps to increase the speed at which exhaust leaves the system.

What does the Catalytic Converter do?

A catalytic converter is an important part of the exhaust system,it uses a chamber called catalyst to change the harmful compounds from an engine’s emissions into safe gases,like steam.It works to split up the unsafe molecules in the gases that a car produces before they get released into the air.

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