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Titanium machining parts processing know-how


Titanium metal parts have the characteristics of low hardness and good corrosion resistance, so it has become an ideal structural raw material for aerospace engineering; However, there are many elements in it that at the same time endanger its processability; This is due to the metallurgical industry characteristics and material characteristics of titanium metal, which is likely to have a serious impact on the drilling efficiency and the material itself. Below I combed the corresponding materials, you can see the following detailed instructions:

First, titanium metal cutting must be suitable for standards:

1, compared with most other metal processing, titanium metal processing not only has higher requirements, but also limits a large number. However, if the appropriate CNC blade is selected and properly applied, and the CNC lathe and equipment are upgraded to the best situation according to the titanium processing regulations, then those regulations can be fully considered and satisfactory performance and extreme results can be achieved. Many problems encountered in the whole process of traditional pure titanium processing are not difficult to avoid, just get rid of the harm of titanium characteristics to the whole process, you can achieve success.

2, titanium metal has excellent compressive strength-net weight ratio, its relative density is usually only 60% of steel. Titanium has a lower elastic coefficient than steel, so the material is harder and the tensile strain is stronger. The corrosion resistance of titanium is also better than that of stainless steel, and the heat transfer is low. This characteristic means that pure titanium will have a higher and more intensive cutting speed during the whole process. It is very easy to cause oscillation and cause shaking during drilling; Moreover, it is also very easy to reflect with cutting tool raw materials during drilling, and then aggravate the damage of the crescent. In addition, its heat transfer is poor, because the heat key gathers in the drilling area, so the milling cutter processing pure titanium must have a high fever intensity.

Second, reliability is fundamental to success:

1, some machining production workshops found that pure titanium can not be processed reasonably, but this kind of idea does not mean the development trend of contemporary processing methods and CNC blades. It is often difficult, partly because pure titanium processing is a new processing process, and there is a lack of reference work experience. In addition, the difficulty is usually related to the expectations and the working experience of the operator, especially some people are now used to the processing of materials such as pig iron or high-alloy steel, and the processing requirements of this data are generally very low. In comparison, processing pure titanium seems to be more difficult, because the same milling cutter and the same speed can not be used during processing, and the service life of the CNC blade is not the same.

2, even compared with some stainless steel plates, the difficulty of pure titanium processing is still high. Although we can say that the processing of pure titanium must use different cutting parameters and cutting speed and certain preventive measures. In fact, in contrast to most raw materials, pure titanium is also a completely and immediately processable raw material. As long as the titanium workpiece is smooth, the clamping is strong, the CNC lathe is properly selected, the driving force is suitable, the working condition is excellent, and the ISO50 machine spindle with the more overhanging dagger is configured, all the problems will be solved - just the right cutting tool.

3, but in the specific cutting process, the standard required for pure titanium processing is not easy to achieve, because the ideal stability standard is not always available. In addition, the shape of many titanium parts is complex, and it is likely to include a lot of delicate or long concave dies, thick walls, slopes and thin brackets. In order to successfully process such parts, it is necessary to apply large overhang and small diameter CNC blades, which will certainly endanger the reliability of CNC blades. When processing pure titanium, it is usually more prone to stability problems of uncertainty.

The above is related to the processing technology skills of titanium metal parts processing. In the future work, we can integrate the above key points and carry out scientific and reasonable processing.

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